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Museum of Petit Lourdes– Miniature version of Lourdes circa 1858, made of masonry & ornamented with bonsai trees & flowers. Address: 68 Avenue Peyramale, 65100 Lourdes, France

The Pyrenean Museum of Lourdes is a museum dedicated to the Pyrenees in all their aspects, installed since 1921 in the castle of Lourdes ( Hautes-Pyrénées ).


Wax Museum– One of the most frequented museums in Lourdes is the Wax Museum. The authors of the exhibits are the ones who have shared in to the asset of the Grevin Museum of Paris, which speaks about the quality of the items displayed in Lourdes.

Musee Sainte Bernadette– At a few steps from the Sanctuary, the Museum counts Sainte-Bernadette’s life, the Message of Lourdes and the construction of the Sanctuary particularly owing to a large iconography and objects which belonged to the most famous of the Bigorre’s children.

The château fort de Lourdes is a historic castle located in Lourdes in the Hautes-Pyrénées département of France. It is strategically placed at the entrance to the seven valleys of the Lavedan.